Inner Journey

Beauty awakens the soul to act.”
Dante Alighieri

To bring your talents, visions and goals in harmony with your new and unique designwork, we first take a look internally, exploring questions such as: What is your deepest passion in your profession? What are your talents? How do you know if your profession is also your vocation? How do you feel whilst engaged in your work? Are you satisfied with your professional identity and your role? What is your next step? This is important work which allows creative and unique branding to be birthed, that reflects and supports your unique personality and message to the world. 

The result, that we reach together in a counseling session using a questionary developed by me, you can bring to your graphic/web designer. A design product based on your Essence empowers your new professional identity and personal authenticity, supports the manifestation of ideas and gifts to touch and inspire the world around you. The harmony of Inner and Outer world creates deep satisfaction and inner connectedness. Authentic design communicates a true impression of yourself, helping you to attract the right clients. If you like, you can also continue working with me on designing your visual message to the world:

Prices for 60/90 minutes
high-income earner · 130,00/185,00 euro
normal-income earner · 100,00/140,00 euro
low-income earner · 75,00/110,00 euro
Prices excl. VAT

Design counseling service is offered in both English and German.