„Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”
Franz Kafka

„...From the very start of our cooperation with Iva we were inspired and delighted by her sensitivity and empathy. Her questions helped us to deeply approach the substance of our work. The website, that was result of it, was (and still is) the most harmonious expression of our professional identity, we could ever think of. We developed a dozen of projects together. Every time the task was to discover the Essence, that wants to express itself in the world. That process was carried by sparkling inspiration, uncomplicated transparent communication, a joy and pleasure of our cooperation. Very often we were touched by Iva's ability to embrace our complex and often contradictory wishes and fantasies by finding brilliant solutions. Using her design expertise, she facilitated the process where our unfinished ideas could flourish towards an authentic completion. She creates a space, in which it is easy to find a way to oneself and to feel joy in showing it..."
Dr. Achim Goeres & Dr. Tanja Hetzer, Hanuman Institut Berlin

„Already by working with the questionary, that was sent to me by Iva as preparation for the counseling session, Itouched the essential questions around my work and let mesearch for essential answers. It was a one-week inquiry, during which it became clear to me, what was still unclear. In the counseling session Iva immediately sensed those unclarities and invited me to explore exactly in those directions. A space opened to me, that was wide, transparent and free of judgements. I witnessed a flow of inner images and found words, that could precisely express those inner visual experiences. At the end I found the most apt metaphor for my Being and my work and together with Iva I developed a path to translate it into my future website. I am still touched by this process, that goes far beyond my professional activity and I feel presented with that metaphor pouring its power and orientation towards me. What a gift!”
Anja Louisa Schmidt, coach/consultant for authentic being and doing

„During our first counseling session I was surprised what kind of questions you asked. I expected more technical solutions for my new website. You tried, in a very open way, to experience and
feel my passion, my talents and my inner joy while working in my practice. You successfully managed to apply those insights in the design work. Thank you very much!”
Heidi Bommer, alternative practitioner