Ivana Kersting

„The extraordinary is the ordinary, seen in all its glory.”
Philip Levine

Ivana Kersting

If our deepest wunds are also our life tasks, then my existence is all about authenticity. For many years I was living a life of a "perfect" girl, achieving the best possible school grades as a child all the way up to the completion of a degree in Electrical Engineering. I had achieved a secure position at University, and a wonderful career as a professor was waiting for me - a nice professional future, but it was not MY future! My body finally refused to cooperate with that lifestyle and I became sick, developing symptoms that no physician could explain. Deep in my soul I knew, that until then I had not lived My Self and that I had gone so far that I was physically and spiritually depleted. I was very unhappy and depressed. So I decided, after already finishing University, to simply start afresh, but this time, only for myself.

With all the courage that I could muster I prepared for an entrance examination at the Art Academy. I did not tell anyone. When I secured a place, it was the happiest day of my life! That was the start of my journey, where I explored creativity as an expresison of authenticity. Later I finished a four year degree in Integrative Energy Therapy with body-oriented approach, that brought me closer to the overall theme of my life: how can I live my Essence, how can I live authentic.

In my professional life nowadays I have found my own unique gift to the world combining my own experience in how to reflect my Essence, and fuse together all that I have learned in
engineering (programming), art (designing) and psychology (counseling).

By offering counseling work I focus on my biggest professional passion: a journey towards self discovery and truth, towards the Essence, and finding for others their resultant shining forms and messages in design.

"We teach best what we most need to learn."
Richard Bach